October Promoted Students

Congratulations to all the testing students in Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido. Through the many distractions of summer break, back to school bustle, and other events, your hard work and perseverance paid off and all were successfully promoted. Kevin Nguyen was voted Outstanding Student for this test cycle.

october 2014 test

The following students were promoted:
Yellow – Octavia Dickinson, Blake Hibrader, Sawyer LaGrange
Green – Kenin Krieger, Alan Martindale
Purple – Michael Schneidt (TKD/HKD)
Blue – Kevin Nguyen (Outstanding Student)
Red – Tyrone Bradley

For those working towards a test in December, February, or April, now is the time to review your Student Guide (located in the Members Section) requirements and make a plan to work towards meeting those requirements. For those that have been on break for the summer or other sports, now is the time to renew your martial arts commitment. As always, promotion tests are scheduled on the 2nd Saturday of every even month and we are here to help you plan and achieve your goals!

Open House

Whether you are a current student, former student, thinking about being a student, or just want to see a martial arts demonstration we invite you to join us for our Open House at Lee’s on Saturday, May 3rd from 6-8 p.m.  We will be offering snacks, drinks, special rates for new students, demonstrations, prizes for all in attendance, and more!

Please email, call, or come in and chat with us for more information.   We hope to see you there!

lee's open house flyer 2014

Lee’s Martial Arts Retreat at Bradford Woods


All students are invited to come and join us at our first retreat!  You have to option to attend both Friday and Saturday or Saturday only. Overnight attendees will stay in cabins at the retreat center.  We will have many specialized Taekwondo and Hapkido classes throughout the weekend which will count towards class attendance, and you will have the opportunity to participate in adventure programming.  Expect to have fun while you are also focusing on team and skill building!

Interested? Fill out a registration form and return it to an instructor with your deposit.  Sign up will be first-come-first-served, so reserve your spot today!

What you need to know:

  • When:  May 16th and 17th, 2014
  • Where:  Bradford Woods Retreat Center
  • Prices:  Friday and Saturday (overnight) – $150, Saturday Only – $95.  Note, Little Tigers students interested in spending the night must be accompanied by a parent ($25 additional fee).
  • Payment Due:  To sign up with a deposit ($75 for overnight, $45 for Saturday only), please fill out your form and have your deposit in by April 11th.  If you sign up after the 11th you must pay the full price at time of signup.  All payments are due in full by May 2nd.  Please make checks payable to Lee’s Martial Arts.
  • Overnight Info
    • Check in:  5:30 to 6:00 p.m. on May 16th
    • Meals provided:  Dinner (Friday), Breakfast (Saturday), Lunch (Saturday)
  • Saturday Only Info
    • Check in: 8:30 to 9:00 a.m. on May 17th
    • Meals provided: Lunch
  • Free t-shirt!
  • Registration Form
  • Retreat Flyer
  • Tentative Schedule

December Promoted Students

Lee’s Martial Arts conducted a rank promotion test on Saturday, the 7th of December, 2013. We had a couple of milestones on this last test. The first was that this was our largest test to date! 49 Lee’s students were promoted (three of them to 1st dan black belt), and 6 YMCA students were also promoted. The second milestone concerned one of our newest black belts, Mr. Bob Young. He joined us after our grand re-opening, and he is the first student to go all the way from white belt to black under the new ownership. Awesome! Also we want to give a special congratulation to the outstanding student of the test, Zoie Ault!

Black Belts
Our newest black belts, Mr. Young and Mr. Nguyen.

Lee’s Students
1st row (l to r): Alan Martindale (yellow), Jacyn Madeira (yellow), Ty Madeira (yellow), Alex Madeira (yellow), Nicholas Harris (yellow), Zak Harris (yellow), Cameron Sassano (orange), Evan Fons (green), Taylor Henson (green), Hannah Winders (purple), Zoie Ault (blue), Maddox Ault (blue), Cooper Charles (purple), JR Cross (yellow).
2nd row (l to r): Jody Madeira (orange), Lyra Schneidt (green), Sam Weir (green), Youngjun Woo (orange), Brandon Oliphant (yellow), Brandon Walker (blue), Abby Miles (brown), Sujin Woo (blue), Jerin Fons (green), Justus Belton (brown), Ginger Curry (purple), Bella Miles (brown).
Back row (l to r): Matt Madeira (orange), Robert Sassano (yellow), Tyrone Bradley (blue), David Hunt (orange), Rodney Taylor (orange), Dane Boss (green), Lydia Martin (green), Nick Nehring (blue), Kris Holtman (red/black), Donna Thuma (brown), Mr. Bob Young (black).
Not shown: Ava Schneidt (green), Mr. Alexander Nguyen (black), Nolan Robinson (purple).

YMCA Students
Alonzo Eggleston (blue), Anika Drichel (green), Senora Porter (yellow), Ollie Cano (yellow), Jenevieve Wright (yellow), and not shown: Aiden Gomez (green).

October Promoted Students

Lee’s Martial Arts conducted a rank promotion test on Saturday, 12 October. The following students were promoted by Grand Master Cecil, several Master level instructors, and other black belts. Samuel Lackey was voted the Most Outstanding Student of the test cycle. Outstanding job, everyone!

First off, congratulations to our newest Taekwondo 1st dan black belt, Valerie Christy!


The following were promoted in Tae Kwon-do (TKD) and/or Hapkido (HKD) – back row: Matt Christy (brown), Courtney Waskow (purple), Rodney Taylor (yellow), Scott Titzer (green HKD), Vidhya Silanose (yellow), Youngjun Woo (yellow), Steven Cox (purple HKD), middle row: Samuel Lackey (red/black), Lydia Martin (orange), Barrett Tieman (purple), Brennan Stockbridge (purple), Blake Waskow (purple), front row: Lyra Schneidt (orange), Ava Schneidt (orange), Taylor Henson (orange), Cameron Sassano (yellow), Kevin Nguyen (orange).


On the makeup test the following were promoted: back row: Kris Ensign (brown TKD/HKD), Janet Simon (brown TKD/HKD), Dane Boss (orange TKD/HKD), front row: Tristan Boss (purple), Kendall Hewitt (orange), Matt Madeira (yellow), Jody Madeira (yellow).


August Promoted Students

Congratulations to all of the students who participated in our August test, and especially to Mason Hatfield for being voted Outstanding Student for the test cycle!

The following as shown in the photo were promoted in rank in Tae Kwon-do and Hapkido.

Front Row (l to r): Lyra Schneidt (yellow), Brennan Stockbridge (green), Hannah Winders (green), Cooper Charles (green), Taylor Henson (yellow), Ava Schneidt (yellow), Mason Hatfield (Outstanding Student-brown), Kevin Nguyen (yellow)
Second Row (l to r): Barrett Tieman (green), Tristan Boss (green), Kendall Hewitt (yellow), Lydia Martin (yellow), Sujin Woo (purple), Stepan Holtman (green), Gage Harden (red/black), Michelle Hatfield (brown)
Back Row (l to r): Scott Titzer (yellow-HKD), Steven Cox (green-HKD), Tyrone Bradley (purple), David Hunt (yellow), Nick Nehring (purple TKD/HKD), Dane Boss (yellow-TKD/HKD), Kris Holtman (yellow-HKD). Not shown: Jun Wu (yellow-HKD), Alex Wang (yellow-HKD), Brandon Walker (purple), Donna Thuma (blue-TKD/HKD).


June Test

June’s test will be on Saturday, June 8th, at 10:00 a.m. Testing students should arrive no later than 9:30 a.m. to get dressed, fill out paperwork, pay test fees, and stretch. Test list and after-test-pitch-in sign up are on the cork board.

Note to all students and parents, did you know that you can fill out test paperwork and pay your test fee in advance? Please see any instructor for more details.

Knife Defense Seminar

Knife Defense Seminar
Date: Saturday, March 16, 2013
Place: Lee’s Martial Arts
Time: 1:00pm until 3:00pm

Lee’s Martial Arts will be hosting a Knife Defense Seminar next Saturday from 1-3pm. For our Hapkido students, we will begin with our regular Hapkido class and blend in he Knife Defense Seminar.

This training will be also GREAT for our Hapkido joint lock skills.
We will learn disarms and defensive techniques from close range threats.

If you have a personal training knife, feel free to bring along, if not we have extras.

Sorry kids, this is an adults only class.

Please feel free to invite adult friends and family to this FREE seminar led by Master Scott Johnson.

If you have a Facebook, like us and here is the link to let us know if you are attending.

Congratulations, Testing Students!

Congratulations to all of the students who participated in our February test, and especially to Donna Thuma for being voted Outstanding Student for the test cycle! Grandmaster Richards and Grandmaster Cecil both were impressed, and all of the instructors are very proud of you. Keep it up!


Front Row: Blake Waskow (yellow), Justus Belton (purple), Abby Miles (purple), Brandon Walker (orange), Stone Walker (orange), Brennan Stockbridge (yellow), Bella Miles (purple), Sergei Holtman (orange), Isaac May (yellow). Back Row: Steven Cox (yellow HKD), Donna Thuma (green TKD/HKD), Kristine Ensign (purple TKD/HKD), Janet Simon (purple TKD/HKD), Stepan Holtman (yellow), Courtney Waskow (yellow), Gage Harden (red). Not shown: Kris Holtman (brown), Monica Erk (green TKD/HKD), Maddox Ault (green), Zoie Ault (green), Keeley Price (blue), and Valerie Christy (blue HKD).