December Promoted Students

Lee’s Martial Arts conducted a rank promotion test on Saturday, the 7th of December, 2013. We had a couple of milestones on this last test. The first was that this was our largest test to date! 49 Lee’s students were promoted (three of them to 1st dan black belt), and 6 YMCA students were also promoted. The second milestone concerned one of our newest black belts, Mr. Bob Young. He joined us after our grand re-opening, and he is the first student to go all the way from white belt to black under the new ownership. Awesome! Also we want to give a special congratulation to the outstanding student of the test, Zoie Ault!

Black Belts
Our newest black belts, Mr. Young and Mr. Nguyen.

Lee’s Students
1st row (l to r): Alan Martindale (yellow), Jacyn Madeira (yellow), Ty Madeira (yellow), Alex Madeira (yellow), Nicholas Harris (yellow), Zak Harris (yellow), Cameron Sassano (orange), Evan Fons (green), Taylor Henson (green), Hannah Winders (purple), Zoie Ault (blue), Maddox Ault (blue), Cooper Charles (purple), JR Cross (yellow).
2nd row (l to r): Jody Madeira (orange), Lyra Schneidt (green), Sam Weir (green), Youngjun Woo (orange), Brandon Oliphant (yellow), Brandon Walker (blue), Abby Miles (brown), Sujin Woo (blue), Jerin Fons (green), Justus Belton (brown), Ginger Curry (purple), Bella Miles (brown).
Back row (l to r): Matt Madeira (orange), Robert Sassano (yellow), Tyrone Bradley (blue), David Hunt (orange), Rodney Taylor (orange), Dane Boss (green), Lydia Martin (green), Nick Nehring (blue), Kris Holtman (red/black), Donna Thuma (brown), Mr. Bob Young (black).
Not shown: Ava Schneidt (green), Mr. Alexander Nguyen (black), Nolan Robinson (purple).

YMCA Students
Alonzo Eggleston (blue), Anika Drichel (green), Senora Porter (yellow), Ollie Cano (yellow), Jenevieve Wright (yellow), and not shown: Aiden Gomez (green).