Lee’s believes you should not have to worry about how many classes you can take in a month, so your monthly fee covers unlimited classes each month.  In other words we do not charge on a per class basis and there is no limit to the amount of classes you can take each week (our current recommendation is that you take an average of two to three classes per week for regular advancement).  Lee’s also is a no-contract school; you will never be asked to sign a contract, and you are never obligated to continue training.  All we ask is that you pay on time and notify us at least a week or two ahead of time if you are taking a break to put your tuition on hold.

Concerning the fees themselves, please Contact Us for the current rates, Email will get the quickest response.  There is a flat monthly rate, or you may pay for 3, 6, or 12 months up front to get an increasingly discounted rate.

Note, classes that are offered at Lee’s but are instructed by a external organization (such as Kung Fu, Yoga, or Tai Chi) have additional fees.  Those fees are handled by and at the discretion of the external organization.

Other General Discounts

  • Family Discount: Within the same immediate family, the first person pays full price and everybody else only pays half!
  • Military Discount: All active/retired military personnel receive a 10% discount
  • Law Enforcement Discount: All law enforcement personnel receive a 10% discount
  • First Responder Discount: All fire department personnel, EMTs, Paramedics, receive a 10% discount
  • College Student Discount: All college students receive a 10% discount
  • Lee’s Black Belt Students: All Lee’s black belt students monthly rate (black belt must have been earned at Lee’s)