October Promoted Students

Lee’s Martial Arts conducted a rank promotion test on Saturday, 12 October. The following students were promoted by Grand Master Cecil, several Master level instructors, and other black belts. Samuel Lackey was voted the Most Outstanding Student of the test cycle. Outstanding job, everyone!

First off, congratulations to our newest Taekwondo 1st dan black belt, Valerie Christy!


The following were promoted in Tae Kwon-do (TKD) and/or Hapkido (HKD) – back row: Matt Christy (brown), Courtney Waskow (purple), Rodney Taylor (yellow), Scott Titzer (green HKD), Vidhya Silanose (yellow), Youngjun Woo (yellow), Steven Cox (purple HKD), middle row: Samuel Lackey (red/black), Lydia Martin (orange), Barrett Tieman (purple), Brennan Stockbridge (purple), Blake Waskow (purple), front row: Lyra Schneidt (orange), Ava Schneidt (orange), Taylor Henson (orange), Cameron Sassano (yellow), Kevin Nguyen (orange).


On the makeup test the following were promoted: back row: Kris Ensign (brown TKD/HKD), Janet Simon (brown TKD/HKD), Dane Boss (orange TKD/HKD), front row: Tristan Boss (purple), Kendall Hewitt (orange), Matt Madeira (yellow), Jody Madeira (yellow).