August Promoted Students

Congratulations to all of the students who participated in our August test, and especially to Mason Hatfield for being voted Outstanding Student for the test cycle!

The following as shown in the photo were promoted in rank in Tae Kwon-do and Hapkido.

Front Row (l to r): Lyra Schneidt (yellow), Brennan Stockbridge (green), Hannah Winders (green), Cooper Charles (green), Taylor Henson (yellow), Ava Schneidt (yellow), Mason Hatfield (Outstanding Student-brown), Kevin Nguyen (yellow)
Second Row (l to r): Barrett Tieman (green), Tristan Boss (green), Kendall Hewitt (yellow), Lydia Martin (yellow), Sujin Woo (purple), Stepan Holtman (green), Gage Harden (red/black), Michelle Hatfield (brown)
Back Row (l to r): Scott Titzer (yellow-HKD), Steven Cox (green-HKD), Tyrone Bradley (purple), David Hunt (yellow), Nick Nehring (purple TKD/HKD), Dane Boss (yellow-TKD/HKD), Kris Holtman (yellow-HKD). Not shown: Jun Wu (yellow-HKD), Alex Wang (yellow-HKD), Brandon Walker (purple), Donna Thuma (blue-TKD/HKD).