Congratulations, Testing Students!

Congratulations to all of the students who participated in our February test, and especially to Donna Thuma for being voted Outstanding Student for the test cycle! Grandmaster Richards and Grandmaster Cecil both were impressed, and all of the instructors are very proud of you. Keep it up!


Front Row: Blake Waskow (yellow), Justus Belton (purple), Abby Miles (purple), Brandon Walker (orange), Stone Walker (orange), Brennan Stockbridge (yellow), Bella Miles (purple), Sergei Holtman (orange), Isaac May (yellow). Back Row: Steven Cox (yellow HKD), Donna Thuma (green TKD/HKD), Kristine Ensign (purple TKD/HKD), Janet Simon (purple TKD/HKD), Stepan Holtman (yellow), Courtney Waskow (yellow), Gage Harden (red). Not shown: Kris Holtman (brown), Monica Erk (green TKD/HKD), Maddox Ault (green), Zoie Ault (green), Keeley Price (blue), and Valerie Christy (blue HKD).