How to practice one-steps at home.

One steps.  They are oft times neglected in class.  At Lee’s we have designed one steps to be very similar to forms.  For the white belts and above there is Yellow 1 and Yellow 2.  Then for yellow and above, Orange 1 and Orange 2, and so on.

If you have not heard or discovered, you can practice these at home by yourself by simply imagining a partner is punching you and applying the defense.  Doing this over and over, repetitively, you will improve.  Then the next time in class, when we call a one step by name, you will instantly be able to perform it versus having to raise you hand and ask the instructor or your partner.  Do not neglect the formality of one steps and practice the offense of stepping back into a front stance with a low block both to the left and right.

As you progress in one steps beyond Purple 2, to the blue belt one steps, I recommend you go back to Yellow 1 and Yellow 2 and build off of those basic movements.  Simply move out of the way from the punch into a stance, and throw a punch or a snap kick.  Simple.  Two steps and three steps are working from a back stance apply a block or two and then countering.  Practice these by imagining a partner is punching two or three times at you as you defend.