Spring is almost here.

Spring is almost here.  Spring is a time for rebirth.  The early Crocus and Lilies begin to push up through the ground, birds begin to sing, and the weather begins to warm.  It is a time to also think about your own rebirth.  What are your goals for this Spring?  Maybe losing weight, gaining muscle, attending classes more often, doing 10, 20, 30 pushups, etc.  These are all things the marital arts can help you improve.

Start you rebirth by writing those goals down and setting a date for achievement, and making a plan to achieve.  Use the discipline you have learned in martial arts to choose between what you want now and what you want most.

Our next test is Saturday, 9 April at 10am, which is a date for achievement.  Make it a goal to attend classes, work hard at home, and be ready for that test in 5 weeks.  If you are a higher rank and the time between belts gets longer, figure out when you are eligible for your next test and write out a detailed plan to get yourself ready for that date.  As always our student guide is an excellent resource to let you know what you should know and what you need to know for that next test for rank.  Work daily towards that goal.  These are the small achievements that add up to success in martial arts and life in general.  Before you know it, you will be testing for your black belt and that’s when the learning really begins.