Upcoming Events in July 2015 at Lee’s


● Women’s Self Defense Class Fri, 17 July at 7pm. Let your friends and family know.

All Women 13 and older are invite and welcome to attend this free event.  Students are also encouraged to attend.  Women 13 and older will need a guardian or parent to attend.  events@leesbloomington.com to RSVP

● Monroe County Fair (Sat, 25 July – 1 Aug) Monroe County Fair Website

We will have the Lee’s booth in the same location as previous years.  Students please talk with an instructor and parents to have the opportunity to perform  demonstrations and please come by and see us while you are at the Fair.  We also have a sign up sheet on the board if you would like to help with the booth or be a part of a demo.
● Promotion Test Sat., 8 August 2015 at 10am.

Please reference your requirements in the Student Guide and also your Student Folders to see what is required for your next rank and to determine what you need to focus on this test cycle.