A Diamond in the Rough

A diamond does not just come out of the ground as a polished cut stone.  It starts as a lowly piece of coal (carbon).  What turns that coal into a diamond?  The right Circumstances, Time, and intense Pressure.  While a diamond is not a person, thinking of the process it goes through to become a diamond can be related to the process it takes to become a black belt.  Circumstances are created by you on your road to black belt.  We provide the school and instructors but you must come to class regularly and work hard with focus and intention.  The hard work in and out of class should be tough and challenging which is part of the Pressure needed to shape your character, mind, and body into a rock hard diamond in the rough.  Then, that pressure over time creates a diamond in the rough.  But the diamond in the rough is not a clean cut and polished diamond yet, it must be mined, cut, and polished by a master’s hands to eventually became the beautiful stone people desire.  All diamonds are not the same and all have some sort of flaw or imperfections in color, clarity, and cut.  That uniqueness is what makes us all different and special.  So we challenge you to strive and work hard and one day you will become that rare diamond.