How to practice one-steps at home.

One steps.  They are oft times neglected in class.  At Lee’s we have designed one steps to be very similar to forms.  For the white belts and above there is Yellow 1 and Yellow 2.  Then for yellow and above, Orange 1 and Orange 2, and so on.

If you have not heard or discovered, you can practice these at home by yourself by simply imagining a partner is punching you and applying the defense.  Doing this over and over, repetitively, you will improve.  Then the next time in class, when we call a one step by name, you will instantly be able to perform it versus having to raise you hand and ask the instructor or your partner.  Do not neglect the formality of one steps and practice the offense of stepping back into a front stance with a low block both to the left and right.

As you progress in one steps beyond Purple 2, to the blue belt one steps, I recommend you go back to Yellow 1 and Yellow 2 and build off of those basic movements.  Simply move out of the way from the punch into a stance, and throw a punch or a snap kick.  Simple.  Two steps and three steps are working from a back stance apply a block or two and then countering.  Practice these by imagining a partner is punching two or three times at you as you defend.

“Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most.” — Abraham Lincoln

What does this quote mean to you?  To me it is simply all about having priorities and setting them.  We all have priorities; things that must be done in life.  Having fun and enjoying life should certainly be a priority in life.  Playing video games is a priority for some.  Shopping could be a priority for others.  Getting a black belt is probably a priority we all can agree upon.  However, choosing to play video games instead of practicing your forms, attending class, or doing homework is not going to get you to your longer term goals.  It is easy.  Just sit on the couch in front of the TV screen and play for hours.  So in order to choose what you want most, for example to be a black belt, you must set goals towards achieving black belt and work towards those goals.  You must attend classes regularly, stay focused in class, you must practice at home, study you student guide, and do this consistently over a period of time.  You will start with that white belt that we all have.  Then, progress through the ranking system and over time and diligent work using your discipline you will be that black belt in no time.

Spring is almost here.

Spring is almost here.  Spring is a time for rebirth.  The early Crocus and Lilies begin to push up through the ground, birds begin to sing, and the weather begins to warm.  It is a time to also think about your own rebirth.  What are your goals for this Spring?  Maybe losing weight, gaining muscle, attending classes more often, doing 10, 20, 30 pushups, etc.  These are all things the marital arts can help you improve.

Start you rebirth by writing those goals down and setting a date for achievement, and making a plan to achieve.  Use the discipline you have learned in martial arts to choose between what you want now and what you want most.

Our next test is Saturday, 9 April at 10am, which is a date for achievement.  Make it a goal to attend classes, work hard at home, and be ready for that test in 5 weeks.  If you are a higher rank and the time between belts gets longer, figure out when you are eligible for your next test and write out a detailed plan to get yourself ready for that date.  As always our student guide is an excellent resource to let you know what you should know and what you need to know for that next test for rank.  Work daily towards that goal.  These are the small achievements that add up to success in martial arts and life in general.  Before you know it, you will be testing for your black belt and that’s when the learning really begins.

December Promotion Test Results

We held two promotion test at Lee’s in December.  On Saturday, 12 December we held a promotion test for the Lee’s students.  Mr. Nguyen was promoted to 2nd dan in Tae Kwon-do and others were promoted in Tae Kwon-do and Hapkido as well.  1st row:  Daniele, Octavia, Mr. Nguyen, Riley, Kadyn.  back row:  Jerin, Scott, Steven, Brian, Jaala, Salem.


On Sunday, 13 December we held a test for our YMCA students.  We promoted 26 students to their next rank.


September 2015 Events

● We are closed Monday the 7th of September for Labor Day.

● Women’s Self Defense Class Fri, 18 September at 7pm.  Let your friends and family
know.  All Women 13 and older are invite and welcome to attend this free event.
Students are also encouraged to attend.  Attendees not 13 and older will need a guardianor parent to attend.

● Saturday, 26 September from 330430pm Mr. Jarvis will be conducting a Martial Arts
Against Bullying workshop.  All Youth Students are encouraged to attend this seminar on bullying.

● Master Anton in Meadeville, PA will be conducting a black belt test on 3 October.

● Master Curry will be attending the Black Belt Reunion held annually in Atlanta at our
sister school Black Knight Martial Arts on 25-27 September.  All Lee’s black belts are welcome
to attend.  Let me know if you want details.  Dr. Wieggman is planning to attend as well.

Our September Newsletter is available in the Member Area.

A Diamond in the Rough

A diamond does not just come out of the ground as a polished cut stone.  It starts as a lowly piece of coal (carbon).  What turns that coal into a diamond?  The right Circumstances, Time, and intense Pressure.  While a diamond is not a person, thinking of the process it goes through to become a diamond can be related to the process it takes to become a black belt.  Circumstances are created by you on your road to black belt.  We provide the school and instructors but you must come to class regularly and work hard with focus and intention.  The hard work in and out of class should be tough and challenging which is part of the Pressure needed to shape your character, mind, and body into a rock hard diamond in the rough.  Then, that pressure over time creates a diamond in the rough.  But the diamond in the rough is not a clean cut and polished diamond yet, it must be mined, cut, and polished by a master’s hands to eventually became the beautiful stone people desire.  All diamonds are not the same and all have some sort of flaw or imperfections in color, clarity, and cut.  That uniqueness is what makes us all different and special.  So we challenge you to strive and work hard and one day you will become that rare diamond.

Upcoming Events in July 2015 at Lee’s


● Women’s Self Defense Class Fri, 17 July at 7pm. Let your friends and family know.

All Women 13 and older are invite and welcome to attend this free event.  Students are also encouraged to attend.  Women 13 and older will need a guardian or parent to attend. to RSVP

● Monroe County Fair (Sat, 25 July – 1 Aug) Monroe County Fair Website

We will have the Lee’s booth in the same location as previous years.  Students please talk with an instructor and parents to have the opportunity to perform  demonstrations and please come by and see us while you are at the Fair.  We also have a sign up sheet on the board if you would like to help with the booth or be a part of a demo.
● Promotion Test Sat., 8 August 2015 at 10am.

Please reference your requirements in the Student Guide and also your Student Folders to see what is required for your next rank and to determine what you need to focus on this test cycle.

June Test Results

Lee’s Martial Arts Bloomington conducted its promotion test on Saturday, 13 June.  The test was presided over by Master level instructors and many black belt judges.  The Most Outstanding Student was Octavia Dickinson.  The following were promoted as shown in the attached picture.  Congratulations to all students!!

Lee’s Martial Arts 13 June 2015 Promotion Test Results
Front Row (l to r) – Octavia Dickinson, Jillyan Dickinson, Dominic Rosowlowski, Emily Langjahr, Lukas Langjahr, Jacen Madeira

Back Row (l to r) – Abby Miles, Bella Miles, Casimir Rosolowski, Kenin Krieger, Nick Nehring, Matt Madeira, Jody Madeira.

Not shown:  Nicholas Harris, Zak Harris, Danielle Yang

Upcoming Events in June

As May winds down, we have one last event on Sunday the 31st for our YMCA students.  This is their promotion test at Lee’s from 1230-330pm

Our next promotion test for Lee’s Students will be Saturday, 13 June starting at 10am until around 1pm.  The test list will be posted next week and this will be our second placement for our Youth Belts.  If you have a tip and are ready to test, you will test for a new belt.  If you just got a youth belt, you will be testing for a tip.

april112015testpic (2)

Our Women’s Self Defense class will be on Friday, 19 June from 7-830pm.  This one will be led by Master Johnson.  Please RSVP to:

Upcoming Events in May 2015 at Lee’s

We have a couple of events upcoming this month.

The first is our monthly Womens Self Defense class.   These events are lead by Ms. Christy and are free and open to the public.  Women ages 13 and may attend and participate.  Women under 18 must be accompanied by a legal guardian.  These monthly classes occur on the 3rd Friday of each month.  For May this is Friday, 15 May at 7pm.  Show up a bit early and class will run about an hour.  RSVP at

Annual Open House.  This happens on Saturday evening, 16 May from 6-8pm.  This event is free and open to the public.   There will be door prizes, martial arts demonstrations, snacks, and special rates for attendees.  Students invite your friends and family members to this event.  So if you always wanted to get in better shape, study a martial art, or learn some self defense, then come out to our Open House.