April Promotion Test

Congratulations to all of the students who were promoted on the 14th and 15th of April! A special congratulations goes to Bob Young II of Lee’s and Avery Weintraub of YMCA for winning Best Student awards!

The following students were promoted in Tae Kwon-Do to: Blue belt: Elexandrea Montgomery, Cassandra Wilson, and Bob Young (BEST STUDENT AWARD). Purple belt: Mason Hatfield, Michelle Hatfield, Samuel Lackey, Arianna McCrory, Michele Wilson, and Madison Young. Green Belt: Michael Hatfield, Mitchell Moody, Trinity Moody, Terry Bunton, Avery Weintraub (Best YMCA Student), Matthew Bourkland. Orange belt: Justus Belton, Kenzie Elkes, Richelle Elkes, Kiannah Streepy, Alonzo Eggleston, Parker Gilley, Aidan Armstrong, Sylvia Sheets. Yellow belt: Eli Marks, Madison Marks, Nolan Robinson, Emma Wild, Nathan Wild, Aidan Harmon, Sage Gill, Aditya Shah, Sam Powell-Weir. Bob Young was promoted to Blue Belt in hapkido as well.

Pictured above (left to right):
1st Row:
Eli Marks (Yellow), Richelle Elkes (Orange), Madison Marks (Yellow), Kenzie Elkes (Orange), Trinity Moody (Green), Justus Belton (Orange), Cassie Wilson (Blue), Michelle Hatfield (Purple), Mason Hatfield (Purple), Arianna McCrory (Purple).
2nd Row:
Mitchell Moody (Green), Samuel Lackey (Purple), Kris Holtman (Purple), Keeley Price (Green), Madison Young (Purple), Lexie Montgomery (Blue).
Back Row:
Michele Wilson (Purple), Michael Hatfield (Green), and Bob Young (Blue).
Not Shown:
Terry Bunton (Green), Kiannah Streepy (Orange), Nolan Robinson (Yellow), Emma Wild (Yellow), Nathan Wild (Yellow), Matthew Bourkland (Green), Avery Weintraub (Best YMCA Student: Green), Alonzo Eggleston (Orange), Parker Gilley (Orange), Aidan Harmon (Yellow), Sage Gill (Yellow), Aditya Shah (Yellow), Aidan Armstrong (Orange), Sylvia Sheets (Yellow), and Sam Powell-Weir (Yellow).

Above: Terry Bunton, Sylvia Sheets, Kiannah Streepy, and Bob Young (HKD)

Above: The YMCA students with some of Lee’s instructors.