Newly Promoted Students

Congratulations to all the newly promoted students in June! Everybody has worked hard and it shows!

New Yellow belts (8th kup)

  • Matt Christy (makeup test HKD)
  • Valerie Christy (makeup test HKD)
  • Jelena Kornicer (TKD)
  • Bella Montgomery (TKD yellow stripe)
  • Lexie Montgomery (TKD)
  • Trevor Padgett (TKD)
  • Amanda Thomas (TKD)
  • Abigail Watson (TKD)
  • Cassie Wilson (TKD)
  • Bob Young II (HKD)

New Orange belts (7th kup)

  • Matt Christy (makeup test TKD)
  • Valerie Christy (makeup test TKD)

New Red/Black (1st kup)

  • Thomas Duwelius

New Black (1st dan)

  • Ross Duwelius (TKD) – now Mr. Duwelius or Sir if you please.