Lee’s Martial Arts Programs

Since COVID19, we have divided our Taekwondo classes into Experience Levels Beginner and Advanced Students.

  • Beginners are white to blue belt and meet M-F 510-555pm
  • Advanced are blue to black and meet M-F 600-655pm
  • We have installed HEPA air cleaners, increased airflow/ventilation, and masks are now optional.  Please stay home if you feel sick.

Youth Program age 7-13 years old

Lee’s Youth Program includes our younger students just starting out in Tae Kwon-do.  This structured program allows students to progress at their own rate.  Along with the basics of martial arts; kicking, punching, and forms, Lee’s students will learn self-discipline, balance, body control, attention span, setting and achieving goals, as well as basic fitness.

The standard rank system is used as all new students start as a white belt and progress through the color system to eventually earn a Youth black belt.  Youth belts have both striped (half belts) and solid belts.  Youth black belts are transitioned into our Adult Program to continue their martial arts journey to adult black belt and beyond.

Beginner TKD Classes meet Mon-Fri from 500-555pm.

Adult Program 14 years old and up

Lee’s Adult Program is the next step for those completing the Youth Program but also for the more mature student just beginning in the Martial Arts.  For the 14-17 year old students, we continue incrementally teaching Tae Kwon-do and work towards improving the basics as always but also continuing to learn more challenging techniques.

Those 18 and older, with approval from GM Cecil, can also learn Hapkido, which is a self-defense oriented martial arts.  In Hapkido, the student will learn how to safely fall, roll, escape, off balance an opponent, apply joint locks and manipulation as well as throwing and submission techniques.  Hapkido teaches the principles of flow, circle, and harmony.  These principles are applied to learn potent self-defense techniques.

Advanced TKD classes meet:  Mon through Fri from 600-655pm and Sat 1200-1255pm.

Hapkido (18 and older) classes meet:  Wed at 7pm for 1.5 hours and Sat at 1pm for 1 hours.

Gracie Garage (18 and older) classes meet:  Fri at 7pm for 1.5 hours and Sat at 3pm for 1.5 hours.

Little Tigers ages 4-7 years old (On HOLD for COVID-19)

Lee’s Little Tigers Program is an age-appropriate class introducing students to the basics of martial arts.  At Lee’s we teach the Korean art of Tae Kwon-do.  A martial art is far more than just kicks, punches, and throws.  It incorporates every aspect of the individual.  Once students have earned a high rank, they are expected to be able to control both their mind and body.  This includes having self-control of their behavior as well as physical techniques.

For this reason, our Little Tigers class focuses on respecting one’s self and others, improving balance, achieving body control, increasing attention span, and learning martial arts’ specific techniques.  Instructor to Student ratio is maintained at 6:1 to ensure proper attention is given to each student.

Classes would meet twice a week.

Tues/Thur – 430-500pm

Sat – 1130-1200pm (Makeup by appointment)

At the age of 7 years old students will gradually begin the transition to our Youth Program.

YMCA Sessions for ages 7-14 years old 

If our schedule or location doesn’t fit yours, then we also teach 6 week sessions at the Monroe County YMCA South starting in January through May and September through November.  These sessions are coordinated and run through the YMCA, so you will have to register with the YMCA.  If you are a YMCA member, you get a discount.  If not, you can still participate.  We also offer the opportunity to attend our Saturday noon classes at Lee’s as a registered YMCA Martial Arts student (must be approved by GM Lewis).  Check out the session times here:  YMCA Martial Arts Link

YMCA Sessions meet Tue and Thur from 630-715pm.

Sessions start in the Fall and are offered until the end of Spring.  We also offer a special Summer session at Lee’s from June-August, see Youth Schedule above.