June Test

Congratulations to the following individuals who went up in rank at our recent test: Maddox Ault, Zoie Ault, Sergei Holtman, Matthew McBride, Julianna
Richards, Morgan Young, Aidan Harmon, Aditya Shah, Kenzie Elkes,
Richelle Elkes, Jack Richards, Michael Hatfield, Mitchell Moody,
Tiffany Moody, Gage Harden, Dane Irwin, Valerie Christy, Alexander
Nguyen. Not shown: Sylvia Sheets, Shannon Montgomery, Matthew
Bourkland, Avery Weintraub, and Alonzo Eggleston.

April Promotion Test

Congratulations to all of the students who were promoted on the 14th and 15th of April! A special congratulations goes to Bob Young II of Lee’s and Avery Weintraub of YMCA for winning Best Student awards!

The following students were promoted in Tae Kwon-Do to: Blue belt: Elexandrea Montgomery, Cassandra Wilson, and Bob Young (BEST STUDENT AWARD). Purple belt: Mason Hatfield, Michelle Hatfield, Samuel Lackey, Arianna McCrory, Michele Wilson, and Madison Young. Green Belt: Michael Hatfield, Mitchell Moody, Trinity Moody, Terry Bunton, Avery Weintraub (Best YMCA Student), Matthew Bourkland. Orange belt: Justus Belton, Kenzie Elkes, Richelle Elkes, Kiannah Streepy, Alonzo Eggleston, Parker Gilley, Aidan Armstrong, Sylvia Sheets. Yellow belt: Eli Marks, Madison Marks, Nolan Robinson, Emma Wild, Nathan Wild, Aidan Harmon, Sage Gill, Aditya Shah, Sam Powell-Weir. Bob Young was promoted to Blue Belt in hapkido as well.

Pictured above (left to right):
1st Row:
Eli Marks (Yellow), Richelle Elkes (Orange), Madison Marks (Yellow), Kenzie Elkes (Orange), Trinity Moody (Green), Justus Belton (Orange), Cassie Wilson (Blue), Michelle Hatfield (Purple), Mason Hatfield (Purple), Arianna McCrory (Purple).
2nd Row:
Mitchell Moody (Green), Samuel Lackey (Purple), Kris Holtman (Purple), Keeley Price (Green), Madison Young (Purple), Lexie Montgomery (Blue).
Back Row:
Michele Wilson (Purple), Michael Hatfield (Green), and Bob Young (Blue).
Not Shown:
Terry Bunton (Green), Kiannah Streepy (Orange), Nolan Robinson (Yellow), Emma Wild (Yellow), Nathan Wild (Yellow), Matthew Bourkland (Green), Avery Weintraub (Best YMCA Student: Green), Alonzo Eggleston (Orange), Parker Gilley (Orange), Aidan Harmon (Yellow), Sage Gill (Yellow), Aditya Shah (Yellow), Aidan Armstrong (Orange), Sylvia Sheets (Yellow), and Sam Powell-Weir (Yellow).

Above: Terry Bunton, Sylvia Sheets, Kiannah Streepy, and Bob Young (HKD)

Above: The YMCA students with some of Lee’s instructors.


Master Geissman and Lexi Montgomery both won 1st place trophies over the last weekend at a tournament Greensburg, IN, for their excellent work in forms! Congratulations to both of you! We’re very proud of you, and all the other wonderful students at Lee’s!

Open House

There will be a Open House on Saturday, 31 March from 6-8pm at the school. Similar to our Grand Re-opening, we will be offering snacks, drinks, special rates for new students, demonstrations, and prizes for all in attendance. This is a great chance to meet some of the owners and instructors of Lee’s, and ask any question you might have. Open to everyone, so please plan on attending!

March Women’s Self Defense Class

We are conducting our FREE monthly 1 Hour Women’s Self Defense class at Lee’s Martial Arts on Friday, March 30th at 6:00 p.m.. This is open to the public as well as current female students.  This is a great opportunity to learn some basic techniques on how to stay safe.

Limited to female students/members of the public only, ages 12 and above.  Limited to the 1st 25 students (if we have more, we may hold 2 classes the same night).  Signup simply by emailing scottjohnson@hpcisp.com

Primary instructors:  Master Scott Johnson and Master Jennifer Geissman

February Test Photos

The photos from the February test has been added to our Photos Gallery! Parents/students, if you want full size copies of any of the uploaded photos (or a entire album/event), please contact your instructors and they’ll pass the request on to the appropriate person. We encourage you to contact us instead of just downloading what’s on the web, since the uploaded photos have been reduced in size to save space. If you are going to print the pictures or use them as wallpaper, it’s best to have the full quality photo!

Promotion Test

Reminder, there will be a promotion test this Saturday, February the 11th, at 10:00 a.m. Testing students should be at the school and dressed by 9:30 a.m. to warm up and stretch before the test begins. If you are unsure whether or not you will be testing Saturday, please consult the posted list at the school or speak to your instructor.