Below you will find information about the belts offered in Adult Taekwondo and Hapkido.  Youth Belts (8-13 year olds) follow the same progression but have a white stripe in the middle and belt tips.  Little Tigers (4-7 year old) follow the same color progression but have a colored stripe in the middle of a white belt with belt tips.  Testing is offered at the school’s discretion according to the student’s readiness, so your progression may vary slightly from the students around you. Tests take place every two months, and times increase as rank increases.  Belts fees apply when testing for a new belt, not for belt tips.

Color Test Fee
Yellow $50.00
Orange $50.00
Green $50.00
Purple $50.00
Blue $50.00
Brown $50.00
Red $50.00
Red Black $50.00
Black (1st Dan) $400.00
2nd Dan – Master Times and prices for 2nd dan black belt and higher vary. Please speak with your instructor or contact us if you have questions.