Promotion Test Results – 10 Oct 2020

Welcome two new 1st dan black belts . Ms. Langjahr and Ms. Yang both successfully tested for their 1st dan black belt. Both have trained consistently and hard for the past many years to achieve this goal. Congratulations. Our Outstanding Student of the test was Anna.

Newly Promoted Students – 10 Oct 2020
Anna’s fingertip palm heel break.

Lee’s Promotion Test – Sat, 10 Oct 10am

We are restarting our regular 2nd Saturday of even month tests in October. The test list will be posted in class, so please check the board to see if you are on it. As always, pay in advance and fill out your test form in advance so on test day we can get started quickly and end on time. Test will start at 10am so students must be there no later than 15 minutes before dressed and ready to test. A possible makeup test will be help on Mon, 12 Oct at 6pm. YMCA test will be Fri, 9 Oct at 630pm. Dust off your student guides, and be prepared to review everything the next two weeks leading up to the test.

Re-Opening on 1 June 2020. Please read rules below.


As you may have read on Facebook, we are planning to reopen with restrictions on Monday, 1 June 2020. This not only will let us meet the current Stage 3 guidelines, but allow us a fresh start at the beginning of the month. For those that have stayed with us through the Live Streaming classes, we thank you for your support and dedication. There will be several restrictions and limitations so please read them below so you will not be caught off guard. Reserve your spot in class. NOTE: new starting time is 5pm to allow a buffer between class transitions and to clean between classes.

Little Tigers will be on summer break. For those Tigers that are 8 and older, you may come to the Beginners classes.

We intend to continue Live Streaming at least 3 classes a week as well for those that cannot attend yet. We offer enough classes and are a diverse in rank that we should be able to accommodate everyone. Big days in the past have been Tues and Thur at 5pm and Sat at noon.

To attend, please email to your planned days/times of attendance. If you show, and we full, you will be asked to go home.

1. Class size is limited to 20 students for physical spacing requirements.

2. Students must attend their appropriate classes unless assisting in instruction. This was the intent all along but now with the space limitations, we need to adhere to it.

– Beginning students – white to blue – 510pm

– Advanced students – blue to black – 6pm

– Open classes are Wed at 5pm and Sat at 1200pm

3. Hand sanitizer at door for all that enter and exit to use.

4. Masks must be worn in the school. So, please bring and wear your clean mask.

5. Stay at home if you are sick or unsure if you are sick (we all know the COVID-19 symptoms by now)

6. No physical contact and be aware of your space

7. Dressing rooms will be closed so come to class dressed

8. Water fountain will be closed, so bring your own water bottle

9. Lobby seating is limited, so please plan to drop off and pick up

10. We will sanitize equip if used.

11. We will also sanitize common touched are:

Door handles
Light switches
Sink toilet
Fridge handle

12. As always, be kind and respectful. This will be different and not perfect. Bear with us as we work out the logistics. Wash your hands thoroughly for 20 seconds with soap and water.

13. If you sneeze or cough, do so in your elbow or a tissue. Toss the tissue and wash or sanitize your hands.

Master Curry

Lee’s Closed thru March 29

Lee’s Martial Arts will be closed 16-29 March. With COVID-19, all schools and large events being shut down, and it being Spring Break we believe this is the correct decision for us at this time.

Please continue to keep yourselves and your families safe and healthy.

Students, use this time to maintain your training schedule. Train at home at the same day and time you would have been at Lee’s training. If you do not have a home practice schedule, plan that out. Dust off your Student Guide and see what you need to know for your next rank, identify, and work on those weaknesses. Work on and pick apart your forms. Use this as an opportunity to refocus your training.

Master Curry